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Origin of The Witches

This ancient story tells the tale of the Witches.

It is not just any story, as much as it is a story of knowledge and wisdom but more importantly… Power.

Long-time ago there was a God and a goddess who loved one another dearly… They spent every waking moment of the Day and Eve together.

Then one day, the great god took a rest.

He rested for a long time so his goddess decided to join her husband in slumber because he looked so peaceful, strong and yet content.

The goddess prepared herself but instead of laying with him, she lay above him. Wrapping herself tenderly around her Husband.

The Goddess was careful as not to touch or embrace Him too much as to disturb his peaceful slumber.

So the goddess lay on top and above her husband.

Her body arched high in the Airs like a splendid crescent-shaped moon.

And into slumber, she went too.

After a time, the children of the god and goddess came forth from their parent’s slumber.

Dazed and confused they stumbled out.

You see, the children had never been out on their own before.

Both parents acted as one to guide, inform and educate them.

But with both parents asleep, the children had no memories of past, present or future.

As children crawled and made their way out of their heavenly parental abode, they fell from their parents loving grace.

Forgetful of the invisible steps that connected the Heavens and opened the ways other planets.

So one after another they fell.

Seven children fell.

The Fall To Earth

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From the first, all the way to the last.

Those seven children then went on to have 12 children in total.

With a secret 13th child born.

This child fell last and was therefore lost to his brothers and sisters.

The twelve children then multiplied.

From 30 children

To 60

And then 90 children in total.

After the years had passed, their numbers grew.

And they were 360 children in total.

But alas.

Remember the 13th child?

Some say that this child grew up and had offspring of their own.

No one knows the 13th child’s name or nature.

But legend says the 13th child begot 1+1+1+1+1=5 children.

The fifth child.

The Child of ever sleeping love shall redeem or destroy.

As the children grew and built their new world on Earth, they begin to make noises.

The Father God Awakens

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The noise awakens the father god

The Father hears the stirring of his children’s creation.

And he realizes, that if he fully awakens, it will disrupt the very ground the children live on.

You see, the children climbed out of the loftiness of their parent’s House in the Heavens and fell to the lower physical earth realm which was made of their fathers sleeping body which was laying down.

So the father continued to sleep.

Communicating with his sleeping goddess through dreaming.

Together, they came to a conclusion.

They would stay sleeping until their children needed them.

Through their dreaming, they helped spread creation on the Earth.

Together, their love created the many wondrous things on earth.

The Great Mother and Father God hoped they could connect with their children by various experiences in life.

Raising their conscious back to the heights of the Home. The House of Heaven.

They create special places on Earth to communicate with their children.

In addition to various herbs, plants, animals.

However, due to the lower and denser vibration of the Earth Realm, whenever the God’s created something on earth, it broke apart.

Fractured and fragmented like a beautiful glass mirror shattering.

The Elementals

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So the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water came into being as the tools, that the children used, to piece back together with the messages from their parents.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

These children became the Witches and Warlocks of today.

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