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The First Born’s

F Be C C Fdd F A D Ccc

When the Gods Roamed The Earth…

Long, long ago ago, the Gods roamed the earth.

And we were great.

Life was good. Exciting and Adventurous.

More importantly, it was magickal

Somehow, it seemed like a simpler time.

But how would I know, it was all that we knew.

We were happy.

We were Vibrant.

We were at the crux of life itself.

Learning and growing.

Growing and learning more.

Those were the days.

When the Gods walked among us.

Among the tiny barbarous offshoots of life itself.

Called Humans.

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Back then, the Gods where strong.


Loved and revered by all.

To help protect and watch over us, the Great Mother of the gods gave us something.

The Great Mother gave us the gift of her everlasting love and protection here on earth.

You see, there was a war going on.

The Great Wars

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It was the year of the Great Wars.

A war which had been waging for many countless years.

Many lives were lost.

Many lives were returned.

And many more lives lost, again.

The cycle of life and death would continue for what seemed for ever.

But one day, everything changed.

The crux of the war was when it took our beloved Father.

The Goddesses most beloved Husband.

You see, The Father God wanted an end to war, but he was tricked, by someone closest to him and was killed.

This broke the Goddesses heart.

But after breaking, her heart mended; and turned into something else.

Our Goddess, full of tears in her eyes, and a burning ferver in her heart, vowed to end this war once and for all.

However, this act of love would require that she leave her human children behind.

Her tiny human children.

Whom were not yet learned in the mysteries and ways of ” As Above, So Below” and “As Within, So Without”.

The Divine Three

B C Db Bcbd E Bf

But the Goddess knew, that if she did not end this war, that it would consume all her family and everything they loved.

So before she left to be with the Father God, she left us with a gift.

Three gifts actually.

Yet all the same.

The three gifts were her Children.

Not like the little human children she came to love.

But three Beings crafted from the heart of the Goddess.

Three divine children who would continue to teach and lead all the children in her absence.

The First Born

D F C E De A F C Ba Bf C

The first child was born of the Goddess.

As The Goddess bore him into the world, her heart bled as she knew what she must do.

She knew that she must leave after his birth.

Realizing this, the Goddess closed her eyes and imbued his memories and of abilities, yet to come, inside of his mind.

Silently tucked away, in the dark, hidden and latent recesses of his memory.

The first child of The Goddess was born dark as night.

Long and slender, he stood before the Goddess, his Mother, and staring into his eyes, should could see a fire and a passion, which, if untamed, could destroy nations.

With this, the goddess looked into the mirror-like reflective eyes of her new firstborn child, and whispered softly to him:

“Rise up and lead your brothers and sisters.

Look to them when the darkness has consumed your eternal Flame.”

The Goddess then kissed him on the Crown.

The Second Born

Ee B E F Fd F C B

As if in an instance, the second child was born.

Born beautiful and radiant.

Shinning with but an aura of the eternal Flame.

Yet, also glowing with the Light knowledge and Wisdom.

The child intrigued the Goddess.

As she could see her self in her Secondborn.

Just as she could see apart of herself in the fiery eyes of her first son.

The second child, though apparently a boy on the outside, flicked with the energy of another… of a sister.

This second child was composed of both Light and Dark.

The eternal flame and the mysteries of the moon seemed to be balanced perfectly, within her second child, by Nature.

Yet, the Goddess could see into the future.

She could see that if not balanced, her second child would become lost in the world.

Ignorant of his true identity, and unsure of himself, he would constantly deal with the dual energies of the masculine and feminine energies flowing within him.

So the goddess looked into his eyes and she wept.

For she saw such great potential but knew that if she was gone, her child might lose himself.

Lose himself to the greatness that was his very potential and divine right.

So the Goddess looked at her child, and as one tear slides down her face, another races from her sorrowful eye and falls onto his bare chest.

At this moment, the Child’s chest lit up, and the Goddess saw that he had the strength, if given the chance, to rise above his weaknesses and stand strong on the legs of the four pillar of her ancient mastery.

She was happy and full of joy.

At that moment, the Goddess began to feel whole again.

She began to remember, why this War needed to end.

She wanted to return to her children and watch them grow and play while teaching and learning from her human children.

And at that moment, the goddess began to glow.

She began to shine.

She began to radiate.

The Third Born Child

C F D Ba Dd B Aace

The Great Mothers love and happiness was not only caused by the belief in her sacred mission, but it was also the moment her last and final child was born.

As the light of birth began to fade, the Goddess could see a simple child laying before her.

A child, unlike her first two children.

This child… It was a girl.

But not just a girl… a human-like girl.

In awe and disbelief, the Goddess set her gazed upon the child.

Looking for anything that would explain why the child was human.

But the child would not wake.

She simply slept and dreamed.

Not wanting to awaken her child, the Goddess looked into the mind of the newborn sleeping infant.

What she sees amazes and delights her.

The child is dreaming of being a human child and playing with the other human children.

This child connects with the humans on a very special level.

One much closer than her other two children.

With this, the Goddess was most pleased.

Her dream was that her children would protect, take care of and teach her little human children while she was gone.

Looking upon the Three, the Goddess could see herself in each one of them.

And in each one of them, she could see a glimpse or fractal of the other.

Knowing that these children would be on their own, while she is gone, the Goddess realized that she must protect them while away.

With the greatness of her magick and skills, the Goddess uttered a spell.

A Binding Spell

B F E C De Ae F

She uttered a great binding spell.

A spell that would bind each child to one another.

Each child being a positive and negative polarity in the others life.

This polarity would activate a beacon whenever they are within a proximity of one another.

This beacon would create an internal resonance that alerts them to one another.