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The Great War

Legend tells of a great war between the Earth Deities and Sky Gods.

The Earth Deities were seemingly pushed back into the deep recesses of the Earth and Oceans.

While the Sky Gods returned to their lofty castles in the Heavens.

Never to be seen or heard from again.

The Outsiders

After several aeons after chaos and darkness, the leaders of The Humans worked towards socio-political negotiations.


Humans learned to establish peace and experienced a period of enlightenment via their direct contact with the Outsiders.

The Outsiders were said to be a supernatural race of beings from outside our solar system.

In the beginning, the Outsiders worked side by side with the Race of Mankind.

Teaching them to create tools for farming, fishing and creating communities.

Shortly after the discovery of the Earth Gate, it is said the Outsiders helped Humanity with secret knowledge of the ways of Earth and the Universe.

Mankind began to experience growth and prosperity for many a millennia.

But Humankind became egotistical, greedy and overconfident.

After a period of time, the children, grand children and great grandchildren of Mankind, forgot how to communicate with the Outsiders.

They stopped communicating and working with the Outsiders.

So the Outsiders stopped communicating with them.

The secrets of the location of The Earth, Heavens and Stars, seemingly lost forever.

The Elders

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Through the power of their collective link to the Outsiders, three primordial Elders were chosen to lead Humans out of the darkness.

The Elders were ushered to their respective stations and given the great responsibility of caring for and guiding the people of Mankind in what is now referred to as, the firmament of their new world and reality.

However, after years of peace, some of the other Humans became upset.

The Leaders of the Humankind were never quite content with the power and rule, given to the Elders.

These Humans sought their own Age of Rulership.

Secretly, they sought the fame, fortune and power, held by the Eldars of Humanity.

So patiently, the Leaders of the Human Regimen plotted and waited for their time to strike.

And their time did come.

Through a series of natural disasters, the leaders of the human Factions developed a plan to rid the world of the Elders, their followers and their rule on Earth.

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Taking advantage of the dysfunctional state of the world, caused by the disasters, the Humans claimed, that the Earth was dying and would become inhabitable, very soon.

Once loyal the the Race of Man, now, they fight for Truth, Honor and Valor.

After years of upheaval, waves of the Earth’s inhabitants were moved upwards to their new homes.

To The Stars

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To those of the stars.

More precisely, they moved to Mars.

It was determined, that the moon would not be large enough to provide sustainable resources for the overwhelming numbers needed to survive on the new Homeworld.

However, Scientists had been working on a way to stabilize the Martian environment.

Even though Mars was very hot and dry, with very little water or growth, it eventually was able to sustain life.

The scientists achieved this by creating a technology to turn and convert the immense heat and sulfur on the planet, and in the atmosphere, to create moisture, rain and water.

This Hydro Technology was essentially created to bring hydration and growth into any environment through its interaction with the Martian red sulfur.

Gardens, streams, rivers, continents and eventually the whole of Mars had been Hydroformed (terraformed) into a livable and sustainable place for Humans of the earth to live.

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However, unbeknownst to the humans who left, there was a dark secret behind the matter of leaving Earth.

Little did they know, but there here was no problem with Earth.

It was learned and received by the Elders, about the truth behind the problems on Earth.

The land, environment and all her resources were fine.

The Leaders of the reaming Human Factions, who stayed behind, promised to rejoin the new colonist on Mars, after a period of time.

However, the Human Leaders had no intention of leaving.

They simply wanted to get rid of everyone.

They wanted the planet to themselves.

Their plan was to reseed and repopulate the earth, with their own kin and followers.

But why?

For years, the Humans reigned supreme with dictatorial control.

Maintaining order and rule with an iron fist.

The Dark Secret

The new regime was constantly afraid of their dark secret getting out. So they choose to control with deception and manipulation.

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Confusing and distorting all the history and knowledge that they touch.

The Human’s true goal was simple: They sought to cut off power and control from the
Elders and their followers.

Most importantly, they were really seeking the magickal artifacts and relics which the Elders left on Earth…

But not all Humans were so easily fooled.

There have been whispers of a group of rebels.

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