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The Great Wars

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It was the eve of war…

This war had gone on for far too long.

I’star, the great mother goddess, stood on the precipice of love and death.

Dressed and clothed in the raiments of Celestial Battle, I’star knew, at that moment, as she looked over the battlefield, realized this war was the fault of none other than Herself.

It had taken the life of her Husband.

The Great Father God

He now lay dead.

But not gone.

His essence returned to the hall of the gods.

Where he sleeps and dreams.

Istara can communicate with him, but only half the time.

Only when he is in his dream state.

Istar’s connection to the All-father is strongest on the night of a new moon.

But with the death of her husband, the Father God, Istara was alone.

The elder gods decreed that this was not their problem.

The younger gods were always fighting among themselves for dominance.

Forever they would leap through the ages, vying for right and rulership over the Earth and Heavens.

The Nergalians

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Istarians were at war with the Nergalians from the City of Erisha.

The Nergalians were the inhabitants of all the red lands blanked under the waterful eye of the Sun and Realm of Fire.

The Nergalians, being of the element of fire, are ruled by the War Planet, Mars.

Whereas, The Istarians are ruled by the East Star, called Venus.

Venus was known to be the brightest shining star in the sky, next to the Sun.

Ruled By Mars

Nergalians are an excitable race.

Ready to take up the armaments of war at a single moment’s notice.

They have been at the root causes of many of the devastating wars that have transpired, since the time before the Gods of Light and Order.

No one, not even the most High of the Gods, provokes the Nergalians without seering the end of times.

The Nergalians, are said to be descendants of the older, ancient ones.

The Ones who begot the Gods themselves.

However, The Nergalians, different from their parents, have become more of the, patiently waiting, and somewhat tempered offspring; Sprung from “The Gods [hidden] of this time and space”

Never needing to actively seek war, the Nergalians wait patiently for someone to come knocking at their great doors of Passion, War, Death, and Armageddon.

The Queen of E’rish

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The city of E’rish, named after the Queen and Goddess of the city, was the capital of the Nergalian empire.

Their Queen, was none other than, the sister of Istar.

The city of E’rish, was not founded along the regularly worn and traveled roads.

Most of the well-travelled cities lay on the nice open roads, or in between dense rich Forests , watery lakes and rivers of Terra (Earth).

But not the City of E’risha.

The City of E’risha lay towards the western southern hemispheres.

These areas are coveted by the hot and fiery protection of the Sun.

Not many could travel this hot, and sometimes arid, terrain on the way to E’risha.

It was the perfect place for the Fire Nations Empire.

There were few who were able to make the trip safely during the hot summer months. When the City of E’risha was most active with Trade.

However, inside the Istarian Empire, there were those who were once Nergalian, but now, apart of the Noble Elite Istarian Guard.

Once great denizens of the City and Army of E’risha.

The Elite Istarian Guard

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These former denizens of E’risha, did not completely agree with the practices of their Rulers.

They were not complete proponents of the Old Ancient Ones.

That is not to say, that they did not carry the flame and passion of the Nergalians, quite the contrary.

Their passion was so great, that it was petitioned by the great Istarian High Council.

The Council wanted them to join and lead their Imperial Guardsmen into glorious battle and victory against the Nergalians.

The Black Scorpions

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The Black Scorpions Were Born

These former Nergalian soldiers were knowledgeable of the innermost workings of the Nergalian Empire.

They blended in with little effort at all.

Traveling the hot and arid desert, and some of the dense forest climates, these Nergalians developed a proclivity to the environment.

Their skin became naturally dark to absorb the sun’s energy around them.

After years of exposure to the Sun, these Nergalians began to develop a temporary resistance to the sun’s fiery touch.

When traveling to the foreign Empire of the Nergalians, their denizenship was never really questioned.

As they road out of the simmering heat of the desert and horizon, it was as if brothers and sisters were coming home to the city of E’risha.

But due to their turncoat ways, the Nergalians began to call the members of this Istarian regime by another name.

They were called The Black Scorpions.

It has been said, that a scorpion, from Erish, will sting itself to death when surrounded by fire.

There is no lack of hatred between the Nergalians and, The Black Scorpions.

The Nergalians not only want to exterminate these traitorous rogue agents, but they want to see the Black Scorpions live up to their great name.