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Land of Shadow

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What are Shades?

In World of Lord Slayer, the practice of summoning Shades or Shadows is called Demonology.

Every living thing has a living, breathing, existence.

Every living thing creates energy.

Every living thing has a vibration due to their energy

And every living thing has a vibration due to their energy state.

During the life of a living thing, a second, life is created from the life of the first.

The second life is called a Shade or Shadow.

A Shade or Shadow is a stain, energy signature or impression, left upon the world and universe, from its former self.

Shades have no consciousness.

A Shade or Shadow takes its directions and instructions from the actions of its former living self.

Shades are automatic responses, developed and forged by the habits, beliefs and actions of it’s former self.

Shades behave and act, as they did in the world of the living.

However, Shades do not have the ability or freedom that comes along with conscious thought.

A Shade is an energy that lives long after a living thing has died and passed on.

The Shade or Shadow is a living ethereal energy signature.

Left by the actions of its prior life.

Types of Shades

There are different types of Shades or Shadows.

Like Humans, not all shades are equal.

Some Shades are less active than others.

While others are just as active as those in the living world.

Plants and Organic Shades

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The material world is made up of many different types of living organisms.

Plants are living.

Plants also die.

All living things create energy.

Plant Shades are more passive and environmental than the higher degrees of Shades.

Plant Shades are the mirror image of their living brethren.

They create an atmosphere and environment in the Land of Shadows.

They are the shadowy darkness.

The darkness which creates more darkness.

In the real world, plants live to create food, oxygen, and more plant life.

Plants in the land of shade, add to the very environment as do Plants in the world of the Living.

On their own, Plant Shades, and the Plant Shade Kingdom, are harmless.

However, just as plants, herbs and other botanicals can be used for healing and harm, so are the Shades of the Plant Kingdom.

Animal Shades

Animal Shades belong to the Animal Kingdom.

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Just as their living incarnations, Animal Shades come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and variations.

They also come in various forms of love in addition to ferocity.

Some animal shades are very dangerous.

While others are very loving and supportive of the living.

However, discerning the two requires study, knowledge and wisdom.

For example, asking a bird or a squirrel to relay a message (or do you bidding), is completely different than summoning a Murder of Ravens, a Lion or Dragon.

Smaller animals are generally more easy to control than their larger counterparts.

The stronger, and more adept the practitioner, the easier it is for those under the shade of Plants and Animals to fall under the control or guise of their master.

Human Shades


Human Shades, or Shadows of the Land, are far more active than those in the Plant and Animal Shade Kindoms.

Human Shades are what are referred to as Specters, Ghosts, Ghouls etc.

Human Shades are often malevolent.


Humans have the unique ability of Free Thought and Choice.

This liberal freedom allows them to Think, Act and Feel as they see fit.

Working outside the confounds of Nature.

Humans are also the most disconnected of the Shadow Kingdom.

They are ruled by the Ego, Vanity, Pride and Prejudice.

Not identifying themselves with their Nature based Origins, humans have become the antithesis of the Natural World.

Because of this, they have developed different ways of interacting with the world.

Unlike the Witches, Vampires and Otherkin, Humans do not acknowledge their ancestral heritage.

All the contrary, they have created a new physical world that they reverence, respect and pay homage to.

This has led the Humans, and more so their Souls, to be disconnected from the the source of all things; Life, Nature and the Universe.

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After a Human body dies, its soul, or divine spark, is released.

And it’s shadow is detached or freed.

A normal Shade, Or Shadow, might linger around the earth realms until it realized what has happened.

And usually, it moves on.

But some, if not most Human Shades, do not move on.

They stay… for days, weeks, months, years or even ages.

And some, well some never pass on.

Their disconnectedness from the Universal way of life, has caused them to become bound to the earth.

Human Shades who do not move on, are unable to.

Their Shade or Shadow is attached to their loved ones, their sorry, their despair and more importantly, their Fear.

The fear of the unknown.

The fear of moving on.

The fear of leaving all they have known.

The fear of death.

The fear of being dead.

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