C D E Bc A A Cd D

In The Beginning

C D E Bc A A Cd D

There was Nothing

But absolute darkness.

There were no stars shining.

No Suns burning.

No Planets spinning.

There was but complete Nothingness.

A feeling of great loneliness, isolation, and despair filled the space and void of the Nothingness.

Some say, it was as if a great Voice were locked behind the walls of darkness.

Ever silent and ever mute. Since from the beginning of the time of Nothingness.

This abysmal void went on for what would seem aeons upon aeons.

But then, in a flash.

Something happened.

There was a great explosion.

And from this explosion, a great fire was released.

Followed by a burst of light.

A great light equivalent in magnificence to the flame which rose before it.

Then suddenly, out of the explosion, 3 stars sprang forth.

Two of the stars went off in the same direction.

Following one another.

Twirling back and forth around one another.

Joyful and full of delight and life.

While the third disappeared into the darkness.

The two stars were known as Ether and Etherael.


A Bbd Ce B A Dca C

Ether and Etherael traveled the universe for millennia.

Realizing that the universe was a vast space, seemingly, with no end.

Ether and Etherael eventually yearned to create in the Space.

They decided that the universe needed to be filled more.

It needed something more than the darkness that was all around.

So they went forth and started to create Galaxies to fill the Space.

With a feeling of love and joy, Ether and Etherael began to create by showering, the empty space, with stardust where ever they went.

Their stardust, creating Suns and other Stars.

Their stardust was the result of their eternal love for one another.

These stars formed stardust and would become Suns to others across the great space.

So Ether and Etherael sprinkled stardust from one end of the great space to the other.

Finally, there was light in the great Space.

Yet, the darkness was always there.




Concealing all that the Light could not see in the great space.

A Ef Cacd E Aa