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Gift of Immortality

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A Mother’s Love

The beginning of the war started with Istar’s passion and love for her children.

You see, the goddess knew that, in order to end this war, she would have to sacrifice herself.

Leaving her children behind, and all alone to fend for themselves.

Knowing that without their mother’s loving touch and guidance, they would fall into the depths of their own despair.

It was decreed ages ago, that Gods should not bear human beings or earthborn children.

Not because of some elitist decree or control.

But due to the physical limitations of earth-born beings.

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Human makeup and physiology do not have the necessary mechanisms, built into their being, that allow for the heightened degrees of energy that flows through the divine.

It is simply not possible for the earth-born Human Beings to carry and wield this power and burden without severe repercussions and damage to their fragile physiological systems.

Including but not limited to psychological damage and inevitably, death.

Istar knew this, but she had a great plan.

Being the mother of Heaven and Mistress of magick, Istar crafted a great plan to give her children one last final gift before she left.

The Gift of Immortality

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She planned to give them the gift of Immortality.

But to do this, Istar would have to do something very dangerous.

She would have to go against, yet another decree from the order of the Gods.

Humans were never to be given the gift of Immortality.

For if they did, one day, they could rise up and overcome the Gods themselves.

But Istar did not care.

So she did what no other God had done before.

She set her plan in motion.

But first, she knew that she must secure the one thing that grants the gift of Life and Immortality.

The gift that gives, even the gods, their eternal and immortal power.

She must steal the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life

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The Flower of Life was just no regular flower.

It was the “Flowering” of Life that gave the gods life themselves.

It was the flowering, or eternal flow, of the flame of existence.

It was the flame of passion.

The passion which leaps forward and lives from age to ageā€¦ from aeon to aeon.

It is the flame that gives the gods their eternal and immortal existence.

So Istar set her gaze, and mind’s eye, to the one place she knew held the Flower of Life.

In the underworld of E’risha

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Where her sister, Queen E’rish, of the City of E’rish ruled.

The city of E’rish was divided into two parts.

Upper E’risha and Lower E’risha

The Upper City of E’risha, basking in the protection of the elements of the Sun and Fire.

While the Lower City of E’risha, bathed in the waters of the silver moonlight and the darkness of night.

Upper E’risha was accessible any time of the day; however, the lower city, was only accessible, by night, via a Portal.

This portal was a gateway to the other side.