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Flower of Life

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From Above, To The Great Below

In order to end this war, and save her children, Istar had to steal the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life was held in the earth. Within the fiery underworld of Nether.

This was the realm of her Sister E’rish.

If having mortal children was against the rules for the gods.

And making them immortal was was the second rule.

THen stealing the sacred flower of life was the most atrocious.

And Istara knew that no gods would come to save Her.

She knew that sh was all alone.

She seered, the end times at the hands of E’rish and her Nergalians.

And she was right.

So on the eve of the full moon, when the portal to the Underworld City of E’rish resided,

Istara set her mind.

With the start shining brightly behind her.

Istara set her mind

With the Bull in the Sign of the Taurusian

Istara set her mind

From the her great state, place and throne in the heavens

Istara descended From the heavens

Through the earth she went

Past the fiery core of the hearth

Through the portal gate to the world of the dead.

Before leaving, Istart made a great prayer.

She used the power of her words, called Hekha.

Without a a hesitation or stutter, Istara spoke the words that would change the world forever.

Before her decent into the land of the dead,

Istara cast a great spell,

“Hear me Gods of the old ways. Gods who gave birth to the gods. The ones hidden in the secret time space. Hear me on this night.

I am the Queen of Heaven. The mother to all. I am the one who shines brightest in the sky at night.

If I die in the underworld, the land of the dead, there will be no more love in this world.

If I am to die in th eunderworld, the land of the dead, I will pluck the bright star from the night sky.

So that none will ever see it again.

If I die in the underworld, I will raise the multitude of the dead.

And the dead will outnumber the living

Feasting and feeding as the living do, but not living.

If I die in the underworld, the land of the dead, may I be hung upon the cross of the four corners of the universe.

Istara then summons her Utchat. An ethereal being.

An Utchat, while it can not be killed, has not conscious of its own.

Its sole program is to serve the highest.

It knows what the highest knows.

It acts as the highest acts

It wills what the highest can wield.

But on its own, it is nothing more than energy that exists everywhere.

Istara summoned her Utcha of Fire. He was called Uraie. The executor of will.

And she summoned her Utcha of Water. She was called Urael. The divine cause

Unto Uraeal, Istara petted her softly, kissed Urael and whispered, “Go, Go Urael. Go home. Go to the Great Cirt of Istara. Go where the bright start of the night shines favorably. Go on wings of fiery serpents to the heart of my cirty. Go and tell my priests to prepare. Go and tell my people to prepare. Go and tell my children to prepare. And that Iove them.”.

Urael instantly departed on wings of fiery serpents.

And then unto to Uraie, Istara paused. Thinking one last time about what she was about to do.

And with a great breathe she whispered, “Go Uraei, Go to my sister in the city of E’rish and tell her that Her sister, Istar, Queen of the City of Istara and the Great Mother of Heaven, has stolen the Flower of Life.”

And with the words uttered, Urael departed on wings of fiery serpents to the city of E’rish.

With one last final breathe, and a smirk oh her face, Istar lept from the lofty heights of heaven and descended to the Underworld.

The Netherworld and the Land of the Dead. From where no one returns alive.

Land of the Dead

After passing through several portals and games, on her way to the underworld to sreal the flower of life for her children.

So they might live long enough for her to end this way and find a way to come back to them.

Istar knew that it could be aeons upon aeons until she could come back.

If at all.

Because, what Istar planned to do, was against the laws of the gods.

As she descended, she reflected on all that had come before her.

She reflected on all that the had created

And she seered what she had created.

Istar then found her way into the Underworld. The land of the dead.

Now, the only problem was, to find the Flower of Life.

The underworld is one of the darknest realms in the universe.

It should not be too hard to find it.

But the clock was tickting.

Istar only had a certain amount of time to find the Flower of Life because the Moon portal closed.

You see, it was the eve of the full moon. And a full moon only lasts 3 days.

Istar had three days to find the flower of life, or be trapped in the Underworkd.

After looking everywhere in the dark time space, Istara sesnses something.

Istara senses a very old, distant yet familiar energy in the darkness.

Istara speaks oout, “I am Istara, Queen of the Ciry of Istara.

Goddess of the Brightest Star at night. Reveal yourself to me!”

From out of the dark, istara sees… feels… an energy swirl… slither towards her… and thenit disappears.

Once again, Istara yells out, “I am Istara, Queen of the Ciry of Istara. Goddess of the Brightest Star at night. Reveal yourself to me!”

But nothing.

Not a sound, nor a sight.

Istar yells out again, “I am the Queen of the Heavens and the Brightest Star at night.

In the ways of the old ones, in the name of the gods who have come before this becoming, I command you to speak!”

From within the darkness Istar hears a distant voice.

“You are not the Queen of the HEavens. You are not the Goddess of the Brightest Star at night. You are no the Queen of the City of Istara.”

Istara yells, “Then what am I voice of darkness that hides without light”

The voice says nothing.

Istara yells again, “Who are you?”

The voice responds, “Who are You?”

Istara responsds, “I have told you”.

THe voice asks, “Where are you My Lady”

Istara responsd, “Why in the underworld,”

The voice reponds, “Yes. You are finally right”.

The voice continues and adds, “And what the things in the Underworld My Lady?”

Istar responds, “They are dead. This is the land of the dead!”

The voice responses, “Yes. You are right again My Lady.”

And with a great pause… Istara asks again, “Who are you oh mighty dark one?”

The voice responses, in a serpentine echo, “I am Death. More so, death of this Time.

I am where all things go that are dead and must die. I am the one who churns and toils the mater of death that life rests its lofty foundation on.

I am the oldest of old.

The elder of the elders.

I am the one who gave birth to the gods of this time.

But most importantly, to you… I am Death.”

The voice responses, “So I ask, once again, who are you My Lady:?

Istara, thinks for a moment.

She see that this is the moment she was dredding but anticipating.

Istara knew that Erish and the Nergalians were descendents of the Ancient Ones.

The ones before this time and space.

The ones hidden inbetween time and space.

This entity was surely the God of Death.

The voice pauses, Istara hears a high pitched sound buzzing thru her ears.

She can hear the the worlds, the flower of life is within you.

The Flower of Life is WIthin You.

The Flother of Life is Within You.

And with that, Istara responds, “Oh great Lord of Death. I am Dead”.

And the voice says, “Yes. Yes You Are My Lady”.

And right before Istar can react, a huge dragons head comes out of the darkness.

Only illuminated by a dark glistening.

The dragon immediately casts Istar on the the cross of the four elementals. The Cross of death.

THe elementals were charged and bound with very old magick and energy.

It was created as a device to drain the life source of any being.

But most importantly, it could kill a god or a goddess.

Istar lay there on the cross… her life force slowing being drained away from her.

Each night, as the Moon nor the stars were able to reach Istar, she faded away. More and more.

And on the third night, Istar lay dead on the cross of the elementals.

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