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Death of Istar

In order for Istar to obtain the Flower of Life, she had to steal it from her sister in the Underworld.

However, once someone has entered the halls of the dead… once they have gone into the underworld, they can never return.

Not even a Goddess.

But Istar did not care.

She had set her mind to purpose.

And so she began

The Descent

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Soul Reaper

One night a young man was having some emotional issues.

He was distraught and despair is all he could feel.

One night, there was a violent storm outside.

The winds were whipping through the air violently.

The aluminum shedding outside rumbled like a drum in a melancholy march.

During his meditation, the young man broke down and sobbed uncontrollably.

He was at his wit’s end, yet again.

As this afflected malady of his had been a constant recurrence though our much of his life.

The young man had worked hard to keep his affliction handled more over the years.

He accomplished this through his study of meditation and various magickal practices.

However, the more he worked to combat his malady, the more it seemed to grow throughout the years.

And so, he wa...

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Flower of Life

From Above, To The Great Below

In order to end this war, and save her children, Istar had to steal the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life was held in the earth. Within the fiery underworld of Nether.

This was the realm of her Sister E’rish.

If having mortal children was against the rules for the gods.

And making them immortal was was the second rule.

THen stealing the sacred flower of life was the most atrocious.

And Istara knew that no gods would come to save Her.

She knew that sh was all alone.

She seered, the end times at the hands of E’rish and her Nergalians.

And she was right.

So on the eve of the full moon, when the portal to the Underworld City of E’rish resided,

Istara set her mind.

With the start shining brightly behind her.


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