Game Basics

The Players Handbook

The World Has Fallen Into Darkness.

Humans are trying to retake and rebuild the Unholy Empire.

Witches and Vampires are also working in the shadows to stop the subsequent Human threat and perpetual rule.

All while planning their own take and hold of the old Empire.


How To Play

Each Player must create a Character.

Your newly created Character can then, be transported into their new world.

From there, the Players will be presented with various choices and paths to take, as a Character in the game.

Some simple and basic Role Playing Game (RPG) character data you will inherit will be the following:


  • Character Name
  • Character Photo
  • Experience Points
  • Experience Level
  • Character
  • Age
  • Attack
  • Defense


What’s in a name?

Well that is where it all begins!

After creating your character, you get to bring it to life!


What does your Character look like?

This can be a photo of yourself, a picture or drawing.


In the World of Lord Slayer Light & Shadow, you will go on travels and adventures.

In addition to those adventures, you can gain Experience Points (EXP).

These experience points (EXP) will accumulate and add up to raise your character’s level.


Your Experience Level or LVL, is a numerical indicator of the accumulation of the game points you have.

At various levels of your Live Action Role Playing Character’s life, they will “Level Up” and receive various skills or abilities.


The Age of your Character can be whatever you want it to be.

Just make sure it falls in line with the role your Character is playing.


This is the Attack Strength of your character.

Your Attack Strenght is an indicator of how strong you are.

More importantly, it is an indicator of how hard you can HIT or ATTACK another Player or NPC (None Playable Character).


This is the defensive strength of your character.

Your Defensive Strenght is an indicator of how much damage your character can take.

For example: When someone hits you, your defensive strength can determine how much damage your Character takes in the game.

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Your first quest, if you so dare accept awaits you…

The world has fallen into darkness.

Welcome to the World of Lord Slayer